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July 2020 AroFlo Updates

With the end of the financial year now out of the way, it’s time to push on and concentrate on the year ahead.

This month our developers worked hard at completing several enhancements to further improve and streamline your workflow. We hope these improvements continue to assist your business within this rapidly changing business environment.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights.

  • Purchase Orders and new Bills Feature
  • Link Materials to Task Types
  • Custom Forms: Docs and Photos Field
  • Documents and Photos: Folders in Projects
  • Quotes: Duplicate Quotes
  • Timesheets: Automated Entries on Blank Days
  • Blog: KPI Tracking and Setting Team Targets
  • Refer a Mate to AroFlo and Earn $250
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Purchase Orders and new Bills Feature

We have now changed the way purchase orders function in AroFlo with the introduction of the new feature called Bills.

What does this new feature involve?

It allows you to maintain separate records for your purchase orders and supplier invoices:

  • The original purchase order, which will reflect what you actually ordered and at what price
  • The supplier invoice, which will be your record of how much you owe the supplier. This will be created in AroFlo as a Bill and will be linked to the purchase order.

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AroFlo Office:

Link Materials to Task Types

Did you know you can now automatically add material items to a task, when selecting a task type?

This is handy if you regularly use the same material items on common tasks. This feature also allows you to automatically add assemblies or SOR items.

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AroFlo Office:

Custom Forms: Docs and Photos Field

Is your business required to provide clients with additional documentation or photographic evidence in a particular format when submitting compliance forms?

AroFlo lets you upload documents and photos to custom compliance forms and have them appear where you want them to on layouts and reports.

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AroFlo Business

Documents and Photos: Folders in Projects

AroFlo’s documents and photos functionality makes it easy to upload, search, view and email documents or photos within the Office and Field.

You can now create folders and filter the directory by ‘Project Only’ to see every folder and find the files you need.

To make the process of locating a particular document or photo even easier, we’ve added the ability to rename your documents and photos from either the Office or the Field interface.

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AroFlo Office

Quotes: Duplicate Quotes

AroFlo is designed to save you time on tedious admin related tasks such as creating and sending quotes.

You can now copy an existing quote to form the basis of a new quote. On the new quote, just update the details you need to.

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AroFlo Office

Timesheets: Automated Entries on Blank Days

Do your staff need to record a lunch break or other regular events but they’re not required to enter their hours each day?

Our EOD Approval feature offers the ability to automatically insert a timesheet condition, such as a lunch break, on a day that has no other timesheet entry.

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AroFlo Business

Blog: KPI Tracking and Setting Team Targets

Performance monitoring is an essential skill to have when running a trade or service business. This is why, in order to succeed, you need to make KPI tracking a priority.

If you haven’t heard the term before, KPI means ‘Key Performance Indicator’: a method of signposting whether you’re reaching your targets as a business and highlighting where you can improve.

The information gained from KPIs can then be used in a variety of ways to enhance how you operate. This is achieved through an accompanying process known as KPI reporting.

If you’re not familiar, our friends at Lifestyle Tradie have put together some KPI related information to get you started.

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What’s in the pipeline?

  • Timesheet Conditions – Fill in the Blanks
  • Custom Field type to upload Documents and Photos (Tasks)
  • View document folders in Field (Tasks and Projects)
  • Periodic Template makeover in Office
  • Quote Line Item makeover in Field
  • Email pages makeover in Field

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