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March 2022 AroFlo Updates

Welcome to the March edition of AroFlo’s Newsletter: a monthly roundup of our recent product enhancements and updates.

Read on to learn about our recent highlights.

  • Work Orders: Now Live
  • Tasks: Task Preview
  • Request for Quotes: Now Live
  • Field: Service Action Groups available on Asset Cards
  • Field: Add/edit checklist items on Compliance forms
  • Field: User Assets list
  • AroFlo Footy tipping
  • AroFlo Blog: How to start a trade business
  • What’s in the pipeline?

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We’ve changed up our product update communications

We’ll no longer email you about ALL of our product updates as they roll. Only our Major Updates will be communicated via standalone emails.

If you want to still receive all of our product updates (including minor enhancements and changes) as they happen, check out our product updates blog. We’ll also include a monthly wrap-up of all these updates in this newsletter each month.

Work Orders: Now Live!

Collaborate seamlessly with contractors using the new Work Orders feature

We’ve released Work Orders!

This highly anticipated feature allows you to send detailed work requests, task instructions, and material requirements to contractors.

Tasks: Task Preview

View task details in a fraction of the time

This little feature could have a significant time-saving impact on your business.

Task Preview allows you to view individual task details from the ServiceTrack without needing to click into each individual task.

Try it out by clicking the 👁 icon next to a task.

Request for Quotes: Now Live

We’ve renamed Supplier Quotes to Request for Quotes (RFQs)

This is a small, preparatory change for some exciting upcoming updates to RFQs. We’ve planned for some increased functionality and the ability to integrate it with other areas of AroFlo like Tasks and Work Orders.

Field: Service Action Groups available on Asset Cards

Service Action Groups now available in AroFlo Field

You can now view and select Service Action Groups on asset cards in AroFlo Field.

Service Actions are a streamlined way to add commonly used services for an asset. They allow you to bundle items like compliance forms, documents, and inventory, which can be attached to a task checklist or client asset.

Field: Add/edit checklist items on Compliance forms

We’ve spruced up the Add/edit checklist item screen

We’ve refreshed another area of Compliance: the Add/edit checklist item screen.

Look for it when:

  • creating an ad-hoc risk assessment from Compliance > Forms, or when creating one from a task, and adding a checklist item
  • editing existing checklist items on risk assessment forms.

The search function has also been improved when adding new checklist items.

Field: User Assets list

The User Assets list has been freshened up

The latest makeover to AroFlo Field is the User assets list.

By assigning assets to a user you can keep track of your assets, as well as provide a history for them.

AroFlo: Footy tipping

AroFlo’s 2022 footy tipping competition is about to kick off

Open to AroFlo staff, customers, friends and family, the 2022 tipping competition will feature both AFL and NRL tipping competitions.

Prizes up for grabs

  • Major prize of a Weber Baby Q for the winner of each code (1x winner for AFL, 1x winner for NRL)
  • Last place in each code will win a $50 gift voucher of their choice.

(max 1 prize per person)

How to join the competition

Click the link below. You will need to create an account with ESPN Footy Tipping to register for the AroFlo league.

AroFlo Blog: How to start a trade business

Check out our guide to starting a trade business

Do you know someone starting a trade business or need a refresher on best practice?

Check out our latest blog article, How to start a trade business. Some of what we cover includes what makes a successful business, creating an effective business plan, and ways to promote your business.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • RFQ upgrades:
  • – Allowing Contractor RFQs to turn into Work Orders
    – The ability to raise a RFQ inside Tasks
  • Quote Acceptance
  • Task Preview upgrades
  • To-Do List
  • Task Asset Fields
  • New Dashboard

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