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May 2020 AroFlo Updates

During the lockdown, our Developers have been as busy as ever, building new features to streamline your work processes even further. We’ve held off releasing any major new features, but we’re now getting ready to bring those bigger projects back into focus. Read on to learn about our latest highlights during May. We hope they’ve simplified your work and made life just that little bit easier for you.

  • Timesheets: Daily Approvals
  • Job Timer: Activate via Checklist
  • Documents and Photos: Folders for Tasks and Quotes
  • Quotes: Update Worksheet with Latest Inventory Pricing
  • Coming Soon: Purchase Order Changes
  • MessageMedia Special Offer
  • Blog: How to Close More Deals in Our ‘New World’
  • AroFlo Forum: Your AroFlo Community
  • What’s in the pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Timesheet: Daily Approvals

Does your workflow require daily timesheet approval? You’ll be pleased to know you can now sign off staff timesheets daily, using our new Approve EOD (end of day) feature.

This simple update will help make timesheets and the payroll process even easier!

Learn more about Timesheet: Daily Approvals

AroFlo Office and Field:

Job Timer: Activate via Checklist

We are excited to bring to you a simplified method that will suit your business and your staff!

Now, all your Field staff need to do when they arrive on site is complete their checklist items as usual and the job timer will automatically start recording labour. It’s one more way to streamline things for your staff.

Learn more about Job Timer: Activate via Checklist

AroFlo Office and Field:

Documents and Photos: Folders for Tasks and Quotes

Did you know folders are now available in the Documents and Photos tab on the Task Worksheet and Quote Worksheet?

This is so handy! It allows you to better organise your documents and photos and quickly find the files you need.

Learn more

AroFlo Office and Field:

Quotes: Update Worksheet with Latest Inventory Pricing

Do you like to save time by using quote templates, but you find your template line items get out of date because of inventory price changes?

Simple. You can now click Use Latest inventory Pricing to quickly update your quote line items. This function is available on both simple and detailed quotes.

Learn more

Coming Soon: Purchase Order Changes

In January, we announced some changes coming to the way purchase orders will function and the introduction of a new feature called Bills. Due to the unexpected pressures of COVID-19, we decided to postpone these changes to enable you to focus on your business during these uncertain times. Now that we are gradually returning to normal life, we aim to roll out this functionality in the coming weeks.

What’s changing?

You will soon have separate records for your purchase orders and supplier invoices:

  • The original purchase order, which will reflect what you actually ordered and at what price
  • The supplier invoice, which will be your record of how much you owe the supplier. This will be created in AroFlo as a Bill and will be linked to the purchase order.

Learn more

MessageMedia Special Offer:

Contacting technicians and customers just got a whole lot easier!

Did you know that SMS has a response rate 8x higher than email?

Due to its cut-through, immediacy and unparalleled reach, SMS can help your business save time, increase customer engagement and reduce excessive administration costs.

SIGN UP* to receive a HUGE savings on your MessageMedia SMS subscription.

  • Receive 50% off for the first three months of new subscriptions
  • PLUS a $0 activation fee.


*Offer ends 30 June, 2020. Valid for new MessageMedia accounts created after 13 May, 2020.

AroFlo Business

Blog: How to close more deals and win your fair share of business success in our ‘new world’

It’s no secret that the trade industry has undergone a large number of very rapid changes over the past few months, from trades of all kinds being entirely run remotely, to strict social distancing rules affecting every worksite across the country.

Regardless of the different circumstances we find ourselves in, one factor stands above all else as crucial for the continued livelihood of our trade industry – future business success. This is why the key to success in any trade industry is now reliant on looking at how we operate every day and focusing on what customers want and need from our businesses. Read more

AroFlo Community Forum

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Have you visited the AroFlo Community Forum yet? It’s a hub to host our latest announcements, new feature updates, blog articles and more.

AroFlo is committed to supporting our customers during COVID-19. Visit the AroFlo Community, where we’ll share useful resources and information with you to help you through this pandemic.

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What’s in the pipeline?

  • Project Gantt Charts
  • MYOB AcountRight Live Timesheet Integration
  • Link quote items to invoice line items
  • Display linked line items on layouts
  • Add Documents and Photos to Checklist Items

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December 9, 2019
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Feature Updates
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