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November 2020 AroFlo Updates

November has been a busy month at AroFlo, with our Developers continuing work on several important enhancements that will roll in the coming months (see the Pipeline section, below). For those with crews in their business, you’ll be pleased to know that crew schedules now display on the calendar for individual resources.

We also released a blog post to share what AroFlo staff have been doing to stay mentally healthy during Melbourne’s extended lock-down, and we rolled some smaller enhancements:

  • Office: Inventory Stock Activity Credit Column
  • Office: Calendar Schedules for Crews
  • Projects: Export your Gantt Charts
  • Field: Compliance Alerts
  • AroFlo Wellbeing: Tactics for promoting good workplace mental health throughout COVID
  • Field Tip: 10-second setup to a faster login
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Inventory: Stock Activity Credit Column

You’ll be pleased to know that there have been some background improvements to how AroFlo controls stock levels.

As part of these improvements, we’ve added a ‘Credits’ column in the Stock Activity view. This column displays adjustments for credit note stock activity, such as items returned from your client or items sent back to your supplier.

AroFlo Office:

Calendar Schedules: Crews

Good news for those working with crews within their business! When you schedule a task to a crew, it will now also display in the calendar for users or assets which form that crew.

Note: this feature is only available with the new calendar.

AroFlo Office:

Projects: Export your Gantt Charts

Many customers using Gantt Charts to manage their projects will be thrilled to now export all or part of their Gantt Chart’s.

Simply click the Export button, choose your format – either PDF or PNG – and the date range. It’s that easy.

If you’re new to Gantt Charts, you can learn more about their functionality and how they can benefit your business in our recent blog post.

AroFlo Field:

Field: Compliance Alerts

Have you noticed the clean new look for Compliance Alerts in AroFlo Field?

You can access Compliance Alerts via the main menu > Compliance > Alerts.

AroFlo Wellbeing:

Tactics for promoting good workplace mental health throughout COVID

2020 has certainly been a difficult year for everyone! While we manage being apart, we believe it is as important as ever to prioritise good mental health and staying connected to friends, family, and peers, as this helps us feel inspired, motivated, and supported.

If your workplace is anything like ours, you no doubt enjoyed spending time with each other during working hours and outside of work before lockdown. It makes sense then, that continuing this interconnectivity while working apart has been of extra importance for any workplace, as a long-standing culture of togetherness has so many benefits to both physical and mental health in the long term.

Take a look at some of the creative methods our AroFlo team developed to stay connected while remaining apart.

If you’re a regular user of AroFlo on mobile devices, then we’ve got a great piece of information to share with you!

Rather than opening your preferred mobile browser and searching for AroFlo’s login portal, you can  instead pin a direct link right to your home screen for easy access.

Below you can find a short video covering how to achieve this on either an Android or Apple device.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Invoice Line Items – Allow linked item quantities
  • Timesheet Automation – Multiple conditions
  • View Document Folders in Field – Projects
  • Quote Makeover in Field
  • Email Makeover in Field
  • Bulk Download – Documents and photos
  • Asset Quick Select
  • Gantt Baseline
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