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October 2020 AroFlo Updates

This month our Developers worked on several updates to help improve the functionality of AroFlo Field for your business and field users. AroFlo’s Blog took a deep dive into Projects (specifically Tracking Centres), detailing their effectiveness when managing multiple contracts within Projects. And we’re pleased to have virtually celebrated an exciting milestone within our business: 10 years of service for our Chief Operations Officer David McDonald.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights.

  • Field: Document Folders
  • Field: Asset Details
  • Field: Update Quantities for Task Items
  • AroFlo Tracking Centres: An efficient way of managing contracts within Projects
  • 10 Years of Service Milestone
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Field:

Field: Document Folders

Introducing Document Folders in AroFlo’s new-look Field interface. This update offers a simple way for Documents and Photos to be displayed in Tasks and Quotes within the Field.

This new look will be added to other areas that use Documents and Photos, like Projects, in the coming weeks.

AroFlo Field:

Field: Asset Details

You may have noticed that we’ve also updated the Asset Details section in the new-look AroFlo Field. This makes it easier to find the information you want on asset cards.

AroFlo Field:

Field: Update Quantities for Task Items

Field users rejoice! You can now modify the number of material items recorded on a task while in the Field.

AroFlo Business:

AroFlo Tracking Centres: An efficient way of managing contracts within Projects

If you follow our Feature Video series, you’ll already know that we recently covered Projects inside and out. If you haven’t watched it yet you can check it out here.

Before reading this article, we recommend doing so, as it builds on what was covered in the video with some additional functionality you can employ to improve how you use AroFlo for managing projects.

A seasoned project manager knows that one of the most challenging parts of the job is managing costs.

For example, what if the costs outlined in a project estimate are very different from the costs accrued while a project is running? What if you have multiple contracts under the banner of a single project that each have different costs attached to them? What if you need to invoice each contract separately even though all the work is completed together?

The answer to all these questions is surprisingly simple, we use AroFlo’s Tracking Centre functionality. Read on to learn about our Tracking Centres and how they can be used to categorise expenses for reporting purposes.

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AroFlo Business:

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Custom Field Type – Document and Photos
  • Inventory – Tax-inclusive option
  • Invoice Line Items – Allow linked item quantities
  • Timesheet Automation – Multiple conditions
  • View Document Folders in Field – Projects
  • Quote Makeover in Field
  • Email Makeover in Field
  • Gantt Scheduling – Synced with calendar
  • Bulk Download – Documents and photos
  • Compliance Quick Select
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