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October 2021 AroFlo Updates

Welcome to the October edition of AroFlo’s Newsletter: a monthly roundup of our recent product enhancements and updates.

This month we introduced Multiple Timesheet Automation Conditions: the ability to set multiple ‘Insert Ordinary Hours’ and ‘Convert Overtime’ conditions — this allows you to easily automate common scenarios like lunch breaks and toolbox talks.

We’ve also added Rexel Group to Supplier Connect, created the option to only show certain users a particular task, partnered up with Uprise, and made many other improvements to AroFlo.

Read on to learn about our recent highlights.

  • Timesheets: Multiple Automation Conditions
  • Supplier Connect: Rexel Group
  • Tasks: Task Restrictions
  • Inventory: Stock Locations
  • Projects: Auto-populate Task Types
  • Field: Risk Templates List
  • AroFlo Fundraiser Update: One Foot Forward
  • Business Health: AroFlo and Uprise Partnership
  • What’s in the pipeline?

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AroFlo Office

Timesheets: Multiple Automation Conditions

Make timesheets easier with Multiple Automation Conditions.

AroFlo is now able to set up multiple ‘Insert Ordinary Hours’ and ‘Convert Overtime’ conditions as needed for each day.

You could set up multi-tiered overtime structures, and insert toolbox talks, tea breaks, and lunch breaks as conditions. Leverage the power of automation to produce faster, more accurate timesheets.

AroFlo Office and Field :

Supplier Connect: Rexel Group

Is Rexel Group your go-to supplier for your electrical business?

We’re delighted to announce that Australian users will now enjoy integration with Rexel Group through our Supplier Connect feature.

The group includes, Rexel, Ideal, John R. Turk and Lear & Smith.

You’ll now be able to place orders directly with Rexel Group without the hassle of any emails or PDF attachments. Get on with the job without being stuck waiting for material.

If you’re unfamiliar with how our Supplier Connect feature works, click on the ‘Learn more’ button below.

AroFlo Office :

Tasks: Task Restrictions

We’re excited to introduce Task Restrictions.

You’re now able to set restrictions on who can see tasks — useful if you want only certain users to be able to view a particular task, or if a user would only like tasks relevant to them to appear in their task lists.

AroFlo Office and Field :

Inventory: Stock Locations

Do you have users who don’t hold stock?

We’ve now added the ability to prevent users from appearing as a stock location. This allows for a tidier, shorter list when you are assigning stock.

Simply tick the Do not show as Inventory Stock Location box to prevent users from appearing in any ‘Assign Stock To’ or ‘Take Stock’ From lists.

AroFlo Office:

Projects: Auto-populate Task Types

If you’re utilising AroFlo’s project functionality, this new improvement may prove to be a huge time saver.

When creating projects from detailed quotes, if you choose to include stages and tasks on project creation, the Task Type field will now be pre-populated with the quote’s Task Type.

If you’re new to Projects and want to learn more, take a look at our recorded webinars for some insights into this tool’s features.

AroFlo Field :

Field: Risk Templates List

You may have noticed our Risk Template List received a freshen up this month. As with our recent update to the Custom Forms list, the full list of risk templates will now display by default. These can then be further sorted using the Categories selector.

AroFlo Fundraiser :

One Foot Forward – October Walk for Mental Health

This October (Mental Health Awareness Month), the AroFlo team took part in the Black Dog Institute’s One Foot Forward initiative.

The intention of the walkathon was to foster unity, encourage movement, and build meaningful connections together whilst continuing the conversation around mental health.

Together the team managed to walk an incredible 2,080km and raise $5,590.

Business Health :

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Externally View, Accept, and Sign Quotes and Requests for Quotations
  • DOC/DOCX for layout templates
  • Ability to attach Bill documents to Task emails

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