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Payment Gateways – Receive Payments Online

Melbourne, VIC, 7th May, 2014 –  Cloud computing technology company  i-man Pty Ltd has added some new features to IMS.

eWay supported as a Payment Gateway

We now support online payment eWay to allow you to securely receive payments online via their website. This connection allows office and fields staff to process payment information securely and have the payment receited in IMS.

You can also put a link on your invoices that allow clients to pay online when they receive their invoice via email.

For more information on eWay and how to receive payments online, visit their website by clicking on the image below.

More info: Payment Gateway

Create Tasks via API

Create Tasks via API

We have updated our Integration API to allow you to create tasks against clients. This initial release only allows tasks against clients, but will be updated later to allow you to create tasks against locations and assets as well, just like you would in IMS.

More info: IMS API – Task Zone

Certifications by Client Location

You can now filter resources on tasks based on Certifcate requirements for Clients and Locations. Link a Certifcation to a Client or Location and when assigning a task to one of your users, you can filter based on required certificates.

More info: Filter By Certificate

Emails from myIMS now have Track and Fail

For a long time now, emails send from the office interface, webIMS, they would use the Track Emails, If Sending Fails and Request Read Receipt options set in the SiteAdmin area, and Admin users could change those on the email itself. We have now updated the mobile interface, myIMS, to use these same settings.

This means that any email sent from IMS, either from the office or field interfaces will obey the Track, Fail & Read Receipt settings you created in your site. As with webIMS, only Admin users will see these options and have the ability to change them if needed. Manager and Base users will not see them but the system will still use the settings.

Task & Asset Data on PO Layout

If you raise a Purchase Order against a single task, you can add task and asset related field to your order layout to send to your sub-contractor/supplier.

Coming Soon

  • Various Minor Updates
  • Extra Periopdic Options (who can generate, change frequency in field, due date based on completion)
  • Required Supplier Certification, Seasonal and Varient Periodics
  • Supplier Quotes

About i-man Pty Ltd

Established 2001 providing cloud software solutions like IMS ServiceTrack, i-man Pty Ltd is focused on developing innovative software for the trades sector that are simple to use but feature rich.

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