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Field: Ad hoc scheduling 📅

Users can now create, schedule, modify and delete ad hoc events straight from their Field timeline or calendar! 

Use ad hoc events to block out time for when you'll be unavailable, as placeholders for tasks to be created later and more. 

Please be aware, this feature is not available in the old Field interface.

Learn more about Field Scheduling

Office: Getting Started and Import Assistant 🚀🧙️

We've added some great new features for new AroFlo sites, but anyone can use them. Now, you can use a wizard to guide you through the core setup of your company details!

In a few quick steps, you now have the ability to:

  • Configure how you'll communicate to your accounting package (Xero only)
  • Import your client and supplier contacts (Xero only)
  • Bulk email invite users to set up their own login for your AroFlo.

and more!

Learn how to get started! | Learn more about Import Assistant

Office: Invite users directly from AroFlo 📧👥

AroFlo now makes setting up even simpler with emailed user invites.

Just enter their email address, click Invite Users and they'll receive an email with login instructions.

Learn more about how to start inviting users!

Documents and Photos: Default Task folder structure 📁📂

You can now set a default folder structure for tasks, depending on the task type.

This can be a huge time-saver as it will save you from creating the same document folders for similar tasks.

Service Task
Installation Task

Set default folder structures for task types

Office: Work Orders 📨

We've made it even easier to attach Documents and Photos to a work order, which are already attached to the task.

Simply click Task Documents when attaching files to choose which files you want to attach to your work order.

This is in preparation for some exciting features coming soon to work orders. Stay tuned for more info!

Custom Fields: Multiselect ☑️☑️

We've introduced a new multiselect custom field. This field is available for Tasks and is similar to a Select custom field, but allows for multiple options to be presented and selected.

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