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Recapping AroFlo’s powerful Field enhancements and updates

Our mission at AroFlo is to create a job management software experience that’s constantly adapting to meet the needs of trade and service professionals. Over the years, we’ve made numerous changes to our software to ensure that it continues to provide efficient workflows and better operational oversight to all of our clients.

We’ve focused a lot of this effort on AroFlo’s Field functionality, as we believe the test of any great trade or service business is how successfully it operates on the job. As we’ve updated AroFlo Field, we’ve made sure that every enhancement adds both greater utility and more ease of use to the features that help you run your business from anywhere.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of our most powerful updates to AroFlo’s Field functionality and outline what these updates brought to the table.

Our Field Task Asset List Makeover

Ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to enhancing our Field functionality. Along with a redesign of the Task Asset List view, this update also brought with it the ability to filter out assets on a task. Now when assets are allocated to a client and marked as either a pass or fail, you can quickly separate them at the tap of a button.

You can now also enable a list of Service Actions (contained in a tidy drop-down menu) as part of the asset’s information box. This saves a click or a tap and lets you pass or fail an item (such as a faulty smoke alarm or an air conditioner that failed inspection) and then decide what happens next from the same interface.

Our Changes to Quote Items
in Field

Creating and raising quotes while on a job is a huge part of what makes AroFlo Field such an efficient system for our users. Along with visually upgrading our Quote Items view in this update, we also made it easier to access task-specific lists, SoR lists and your Assemblies.

This update also included the option to review items before adding them to your quote. Now technicians working in the field can double-check that they have exactly the right part before adding it to the list to ensure that mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Our Invoice Worksheet Makeover

A feature of AroFlo that’s just as important as creating and raising quotes is Field invoicing. This update brought with it a fresh new interface that cleanly provides all the information contained within your invoice on one screen.

Along with this came a handy extra bit of functionality as well. The balance due on each invoice is now featured in the interface header, meaning no additional clicks or taps to find out what you are owed.

Our Purchase Orders List Improvements

Creating and raising purchase orders in the field helps our users get the parts and materials they need without moving back and forth between office and site all day. Our update to the purchase orders list began with a fresh new makeover to bring it in line with the streamlined design of our other Field interfaces.

Along with this new look, the update also offered users the ability to filter purchase orders by approval status. Now users can quickly check whether their parts or materials are available at a glance: a great timesaver for busy professionals who run lots of purchase orders at once.

Our Field Calendar and Visual Update

Finding new ways to increase the transparency between our Field and Office features is one of our core goals when creating new updates for AroFlo. Our update adding Calendar support to the newly enhanced Field view was perhaps one of the best examples of this to date.

This update wasn’t just a visual upgrade, though. It also included a tidy new look for the quotes list and the choice between a Timeline view and a Calendar view for all scheduled events in Field. Creating options like these for our users is something we love to do, as it makes tailoring AroFlo to the specific needs of both you and your business even easier.

If you’d like to know more about any of the enhancements or updates we’ve covered in this article and the features they are attached to, you can check out the links included in each section.

Or, if you’d like to find out even more about any of the functionality we’ve covered, why not get in touch with our Customer Service team and unlock the full potential of AroFlo.

James Burgess
Content Specialist

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