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September 2019 AroFlo Latest Product Updates

Spring is in the air and is the time for fresh starts and getting things in order. We’ve certainly had a busy month keeping AroFlo in tip-top condition!

This month our focus has been on enhancements that make AroFlo a faster, more powerful tool for your business.
Read on to learn about our latest highlights:

  • Office: Stored Payment Types
  • Field: AroPoint GPS Tracking – Coming Soon
  • Office: Select Task Owner (Business Unit) when Creating a Task
  • Credit Notes: Add Email Attachments
  • Office: Profile Area Update
  • AroFlo: Partnered for Success
  • What’s in the pipeline?

Office: Stored Payment Types

AroFlo has made it easier for your business to retain and store payment details for your regular clients.

You can now securely store credit card* and direct debit details for your regular clients, allowing you to charge them with the tap of a button. This is a huge time saver if you have clients you do recurring or periodic work for. It will save you having to confirm the credit card or bank account details with your clients each time you take a payment.

*IMPORTANT: AroFlo does not access or store the actual credit card details; it uses a secure token issued by a third party. For more information, refer to our Additional Terms of Service.

Field: AroPoint GPS Tracking – Coming Soon

You’ll be pleased to know that the launch of AroPoint is just around the corner. AroPoint GPS tracking offers greater flexibility and visibility of your tracked assets.

What are the main benefits of AroPoint?

  • Link multiple users to an asset, e.g. link a crew to a truck they use
  • Create geozones and set up alerts so you know when assets enter or leave certain geozones
  • Set up points of interest (e.g. regular suppliers) and regular routes
  • Store data history when you move a user from one asset to another
  • Customise more aspects of your tracking.

Office: Select Task Owner (Business Unit) when Creating a Task

If you have multiple business units, you’ll notice you now have the opportunity to select an owner (business unit) when you create a task.

This is handy if you want to use task types and custom fields belonging to a different business unit. After saving the task, the task will be listed in the relevant owner’s list of current tasks (ServiceTrack > Current).

You also have the ability to edit the task’s owner when editing a task.

Credit Notes: Add Email Attachments

Do you use AroFlo’s unlimited document storage? If so, you can now add email attachments when emailing credit notes.

This is beneficial if you want to include a scanned copy of a credit note, a photo of returned goods, or any other related file.

Office: Profile Area Update

Do you have AroFlo users who do not have a profile picture stored in their user card? They will now see their initials in the top right-hand corner of the screen when they’re logged into AroFlo, rather than the default user image. This makes it easier to see who’s logged in.

All users are still able to upload an image to their user card and have that image display as their profile picture.

AroFlo: Partnered for Success

We’ve had numerous companies approach us with the request to add AroFlo branding to their website. Our ‘Partnered for Success’ logo is ready and can be added to your website.

What are the benefits?

By letting potential clients know that you use a leading job management system like AroFlo, you give them confidence that you’re running an organised, efficient business that will provide the quality service they need.

If you would like the AroFlo logo to appear on your site please contact marketing@aroflo.com for access and further details.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Link task records to invoice line items
  • Default email settings per area type.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about any of our latest updates, call and book in a session with one of our friendly Customer Service team members, or send us a support request via the AroFlo Help menu.

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