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September 2020 AroFlo Updates

This month our focus has been on enhancements that make AroFlo a faster, more powerful tool for your business. We also introduced Multi-Factor Authentication, an optional security measure to help keep your AroFlo site safe from unauthorised users.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights.

  • Purchase Orders and Bills Update
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Payment Gateway: Square Now Available
  • Timesheets: New Automation Option
  • Checklist Options
  • Task Timer: More Options
  • AroFlo Recognised as Category Leader
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Purchase Orders and Bills Update

Following recent feedback, we’ve made some changes to the way items are added onto a bill from purchase orders. These changes were made live on the 8th of October.

View our recent Bill and Purchase Order Update Webinar to learn more about these changes.

AroFlo Office:

Multi-Factor Authentication

We recently introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all AroFlo users. Multi-factor authentication is designed to verify a user’s identity and offer increased security for your business.

Is my business required to use MFA?

MFA is available for all AroFlo users as an optional security measure, however, in the future it will be compulsory for AroFlo logins who have access to Xero via AroFlo’s integration menu..

AroFlo Office:

Payment Gateways: Square Now Available

Introducing AroFlo’s Square integration: A simple, fast and powerful way to process payments while on the go.

Square works on any iOS and Android device, with a quick setup time letting you start taking payment on-site straight away, so you’ll never be left chasing invoices again.

Register for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 14 October 2020 at 1:30 pm (AEDT) and we’ll take you through this new integration, demonstrating how easy it is to set up and to start taking payments while in the field.

AroFlo Office

Timesheets: New Automation Option

Did you know you can now set up a timesheet automation condition to apply an overhead to any periods of non-productive time that occurred within your standard working hours?

This is handy if you need the total hours on your daily timesheet to match the standard working hours for the business, even if billable hours were fewer. The overhead is added on clicking EOD Approval.

AroFlo Field

Checklist Options

We’ve simplified the look and functionality of checklist options in AroFlo Field, saving you from needing to scroll to find the option you need. Simply tap the row to view forms, notes, or documents and photos, or tap the plus icon to add a new entry.

AroFlo Office and Field

Task Timer: More Options

We’ve added the task time to several areas of AroFlo Office and Field. These areas include:

  • Task and Quote schedules now contain an option to show all active timers.
  • Active timers on tasks can be displayed on task schedules by enabling the Active Timer label within your calendar settings.
  • The timer icon will display on task entries in both the schedule timeline and calendar views.
  • The option to start or stop the timer will be accessible on task overviews (as seen in the image above).

AroFlo Business

AroFlo Recognised as Category Leader

We are excited to announce that AroFlo has been selected as a 2020 Category Leader in the field of construction management by software discovery platform GetApp. Each year GetApp ranks business software and applications based on a set of scored criteria. These rankings are determined by likelihood to recommend the software, functionality, ease of use, value for money and customer support.

GetApp’s Category Leader distinction is awarded to businesses with a high score across each of these five metrics, with scores being drawn directly from ratings by end-users.

Overall AroFlo scored very well across each of the five categories and we’re incredibly thankful to our amazing community for continuing to support us with their recommendations. Unsurprisingly our top-scoring category was customer support, and this is a point of pride for our business, as we love helping our users in any way we can.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Custom Field Type – Document and Photos
  • Inventory – Tax-inclusive option
  • Invoice Line Items – Allow linked item quantities
  • Timesheet Automation – Multiple conditions
  • View document folders in Field – (Tasks and Projects)
  • Quote makeover in Field
  • Email makeover in Field
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