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With the goal to provide high-quality, cost-effective work and excellent customer service, Robert Bell of Online Air and Solar was up for the hard work involved in getting established. As the business grew, his larger commercial clients started asking for things his existing admin processes couldn’t easily provide: visibility on scheduling calendars, images of completed jobs, and more. AroFlo enabled him to offer full transparency on all installations, improve communication with field staff, and streamline every aspect of his business.

The situation

Life before AroFlo involved a lot of manual processes – jobs tracked via spreadsheet; scheduling done via mobile phone and whiteboard; paper compliance forms; and too many steps in the lifecycle of each job.To use Robert’s words, it was organised chaos – late nights in the office, missed invoices, and all the headaches that come with that.

The urgency grew to find a solution that would help Robert and his team efficiently manage the increasingly complex needs of his commercial clients.

“We were approached by a commercial customer, asking us if they could have access to our work management system and see only their jobs, so they could easily manage the steps involved in their process.”

That was the trigger for adopting AroFlo.

The solution

Robert’s long-standing commitment to customer service excellence made giving his clients access to AroFlo a natural next step in his business. But it came with huge unexpected benefits beyond just client satisfaction.

Changes office staff make to schedules are instantly notified to field staff – no more texting back and forth and updating a whiteboard.

Paperless forms and sign-offs:
Convenient, secure form completion and signature capture has reduced paper use and collated key documents in their respective jobs.

Tailored compliance forms:
Company specific paper forms have been converted to clean, lean, online forms. • Job sub-statuses: At-a-glance status indicators have made it easier to manage the job life cycle.

Electronic timesheets:
Labour is recorded on each job and added to staff timesheets automatically, saving time, reducing errors and streamlining profit and loss calculations.

Inventory management:
Low-stock alerts let the team know when to order – no more running out of important components.

GPS tracking:
Full visibility on the location of all field staff has shortened response times and reduced vehicle costs. Setup was a breeze, thanks to AroFlo’s Customer Service team.

“AroFlo helped us with all aspects of the transition period, including the integration to our accounting software. I will honestly say the support we receive from AroFlo from the day we first signed up to today has been above all our expectations. The live chat help feature is fantastic and very efficient. I have not had a question yet that has not been explained to me instantly.”

The results

AroFlo has given Online Air and Solar the ability to easily manage large numbers of contractors and employees.

Having a secure electronic record of every job they have ever installed and greater overall visibility of their business has given the company the confidence to grow and expand. They’ve seen a dramatic increase in both company sales and productivity.

The transition to AroFlo has also been very well received by the field staff, who can now see their schedules and other relevant information a week ahead – a huge plus for their planning.

It’s a story we often hear from our clients, but Robert now says he could not imagine how complicated things must be for anyone who is not using AroFlo.

“We would recommend AroFlo to any business that operates in the service industry. AroFlo has not only changed our business, it has changed our lives.”

Robert Bell — Online Air and Solar

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Online Air and Solar provide professional solar, heating, and cooling solutions, with a focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing electricity usage.

Joined AroFlo: 2016

Located in: Thomastown, VIC

Industry: Energy, HVAC

Number of Employees: 20

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