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Building a family-owned business’s success while maintaining the same level of care and concern for customers can be challenging. But for the team at Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, it’s just another part of a service they’re proud to provide. Operating throughout Melbourne and surrounds, the team at Reed Plumbing and Drainage knows how important it is to prioritise productivity and practicality in every part of their professional work.

The situation

But with increased growth comes the need for increased automation and adaptation. Luckily, that’s something the team have found in AroFlo’s job management software.

Before AroFlo, the process of logging jobs meant no one at Reed Plumbing and Drainage was a stranger to trekking back to the office after work. The team used digital cameras to take photos on-site, which resulted in SD cards frequently being lost or misplaced. Back at the office, this made keeping track of individual jobs files an absolute nightmare.

Double handling was also a constant issue, with staff members often having to manually type notes and download photos more than once across the life of a job.
These problems by themselves were bad enough, but an ever-growing team also meant that more and more paperwork was piling up at the end of each day.

With issues mounting, the team at Reed Plumbing and Drainage knew that to future proof their success, they first needed to leave behind their outdated practices and seek a new way of doing things.

The solution

We did look at another program, but AroFlo seemed much more intuitive and more customisable to our specific business.”

Jon ReedReed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

After searching for a solution that met their needs, the team was pleased to settle on AroFlo. It’s scalable design, quick implementation and comprehensive training were a perfect fit for a company just starting to incorporate job management software into their business structure.

The ability for employees to work remotely was also a concern for Reed Plumbing and Drainage. However, with its Field interface automatically syncing any changes to job cards, staff back at the office were suddenly able to keep up to date with what workers are doing any time.

But the changes didn’t end there. With documents able to be digitised and every photo now stored in the cloud, Reed Plumbing and Drainage could finally focus on growth instead of endless admin work. Other favourite features include a full accounting package integration with Xero and AroFlo’s built-in GPS software that makes scheduling jobs for workers in the field a completely painless process.

The results

With a cloud-based job management system at their side, Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions are now ready to meet whatever challenges tomorrow brings. The business has taken on more employees and increased both its client base and workload since using AroFlo.

Jobs are now customised to clients’ exact needs, eliminating extra paperwork and letting employees load photos onto individual client cards and file them as one in AroFlo’s digital system, keeping on-site admin to a minimum.

Back at the office, staff benefit from enhanced cost management and quicker invoicing, meaning more billable hours and more cash flow for the business.
Overall, the changes brought on by making the switch to AroFlo have enabled Reed Plumbing and Drainage to finally focus entirely on planning their future, rather than worrying about managing the present.

Now the business enjoys:

  • Next day invoicing
  • More billable hours
  • A completely paperless workplace
  • An 80% increase in field admin efficiency
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Signup to AroFlo by June 30 2022, and save 70% off our start-up costs.

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Specialised plumbing, maintenance and construction, working domestic, residential and commercial clients across various industries including air services, real estate, hospitals and aged care.

Joined AroFlo: 2018

Located in: Melbourne, VIC

Industry: Plumbing

Number of Employees: 25

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