Document & Photo Upload Software

Instantly upload and attach documents
or photos to jobs in AroFlo

Upload, search, view & email any type of file

AroFlo’s document storage option allows you to upload, search, view and email any type of file. Common documents that can be stored are photos or other images, plans, manuals, diagrams and drawings.

Offering the flexibility to upload a document from your file system or simply take photos and videos directly from your mobile, and upload from either the office or field.

Super fast and super simple.

Edit photo to highlight issue & upload for future reference

After taking a photo on your smartphone or tablet in the field, you can edit the photo and draw on it to highlight a specific component (maybe a defect or issue) in the picture you have taken.

You can then upload this edited image into AroFlo along with any comments or descriptions you may require and attach this directly to the job card. For example the field staff can take photos before and after the job is done. The photos can be labelled in the field or back in the office.

Instantly upload and attach documents and photos to jobs in AroFlo

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