Project management software

AroFlo’s end-to-end project management software provides real time visibility and costs across an entire project

Manage multiple goals, track expenses and juggle deadlines

Whether your work as a project manager involves planning long term project milestones or just rostering your employees on for the week ahead, AroFlo helps take back the hours you’d normally waste on endless admin work.

With a comprehensive feature list that spans a myriad of project management related tasks, you’ll find AroFlo is capable of improving everything from workflows to costing.

We’re confident AroFlo is the right project management software for you because businesses just like yours use it every day, effectively completing tasks and reaching their goals with the help of our job management tools.

All-inclusive project management features simplifying the way you manage projects

Integrated Gantt Chart feature

Every successful project manager needs the right tools to monitor ongoing tasks and complete project deadlines on time.

AroFlo’s Gantt Chart Integration lets you take a hands-on approach to managing your ongoing projects, while also providing a comprehensive overview of tasks and proceedings that give you the information needed to make informed decisions.

By setting task dependencies and milestones, you can ensure that every project under your administration is run smoothly and effectively, with no hours wasted on logistical restructuring.


Compare actual costs with estimated values to ensure your estimating is accurate

To ensure you achieve the best return from your projects, AroFlo will manage control resource allocation, purchasing, record communications and variations. Using AroFlo you can even compare actual costs with estimated values to ensure your estimating is accurate. AroFlo project software enables real time capture of project costs enabling you to allot costs against specific tasks, stages or across an entire project. Optimising efficiency and project returns, AroFlo will change the way you do business.

AroFlo will transform the way you do business

Manage your projects with AroFlo project management software