Melbourne Technical Solutions knew that starting a business would be difficult and that getting an efficient software system to help was necessary from the get-go.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Meet Steve from Melbourne Technical Solutions.

He’s a small business owner whose professional life sees him servicing, repairing, calibrating, and validating sterile medical equipment in the dental medical and podiatry industry.

It’s an interesting line of work and has kept Steve busy since starting the business in July of 2023.

But this story isn’t about a stressed-out new business owner desperately trying to get their paperwork under control with AroFlo.

In fact, since the day he opened the doors of MTS, Steve has had AroFlo by his side, and together, they’ve made Melbourne Technical Solutions a story of success from the start.

The partnership is simple: Steve handles the work, while AroFlo handles all the details surrounding the work, minimising the time Steve spends on tedious tasks like admin.

By understanding the unique challenges of running a specialised trade business, Steve has been able to fill in the blanks with AroFlo’s software tools, continue to build his business and get results.

With a strong focus on the future, Melbourne Technical Solutions is on track to continue its success

All while showcasing just how powerful a one-man trade business can be with the proper infrastructure to support it.


Immediate Invoice Turnaround


Instant Timesheet Entries


On-site Paperwork Completion


Upscaled Revenue

What's been the major impact on your business?

Getting on board with AroFlo was no drama for Steve, who notes that he owes a good portion of his success with AroFlo to the ‘exceptional customer support’ that exceeded his expectations and saw him up and running with his software system in about a week.

As for how Melbourne Technical Solutions uses AroFlo daily, it’s an intricate system of smooth handoffs that keep everyday admin ticking over without forcing Steve to spend hours settling paperwork in the evenings.

In other words, AroFlo strings together multiple work-related tasks like invoicing, asset management and compliance into one clear workflow, using the information created during each step to inform the next. That means zero double-handling and no need to cross-reference every figure to make sure it’s 100% accurate. All Steve has to do is enter the correct information at the start of a job, and he can rest easy knowing it’ll all be there, ready for him at the end.

Operating efficiently in this manner also gives Steve the benefit of keeping his work life and personal life far more separate. Completing paperwork on-site means free weekends, improving Steve’s work-life balance and preventing the type of burnout that sees many trade business owners crack under the pressure of stress and overwork.

How are things going now you're up & running?

As cliché as it sounds, the results speak for themselves over at Melbourne Technical Solutions. Steve doesn’t have to worry about a pile of paperwork mounting up back home. Instead, MTS focuses on providing clients with the best possible service, delivered fast and effectively.

Armed with the ability to complete paperwork on-site, Steve continues to amaze clients by handling all the tedious admin and invoicing in person right after a job is complete.

It’s an industry-first level of client service that benefits both MTS and its customers by expediting paperwork on both ends and ensuring that all aspects of the job are done when Steve heads off to the next job.

Managing other core aspects of the business is also a whole lot easier with AroFlo. From digital scheduling to client asset management, Steve handles all aspects of his work in one software package, meaning there’s no tabbing between apps or moving information between two different systems.

With revenue increasing consistently every month and the unique competitive advantage that AroFlo offers, the future of Steve and Melbourne Technical Solutions is bright.

Client Profile

What they do:

Service, repair, calibration and validation of disinfectors and sterilisers.

Who they help:

Dental, Medical, Podiatry

With AroFlo since:



Biomedical Engineering

Number of employees:


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