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August 2020 AroFlo Updates

This week marks a month since we launched AroFlo’s Gantt Chart feature and we’re pleased to see a total of 260 Gantt Charts have been created since the release. With additional functionality being introduced shortly, we look forward to seeing this game-changer flourish.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights.

  • Gantt Charts Now Live
  • Transaction Terms Update
  • Field Timesheet: New Layout & Approve EOD Button
  • Online Catalogues: 2 New MMEM Group Suppliers
  • Field Updates: Create Task and Create Quote
  • AroFlo’s Special ATrack GPS Offer
  • Blog: Practical tips for reassuring clients during COVID-19
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Gantt Charts Now Live

AroFlo’s Gantt Chart feature is now live and can be accessed via an existing or new project. Simply click the Gantt Chart tab to easily create a clear visualisation of your project timeline.

AroFlo Office:

Transaction Terms Update

Did you know you can now choose to display a banner with a set colour for your transaction terms?

These coloured banners will appear on the client or supplier cards using the selected transaction terms, as well as at the top of open tasks for clients using that transaction term.

AroFlo Office:

Field Timesheets: New Layout & Approve EOD Button

The Daily Timesheets area in AroFlo Field received a clean new layout that gives you easy access to both your daily timesheet entries and the New Timesheet form.

The Timesheets tab also features an Approve EOD (end of day) button, so users can sign off their own or other users’ timesheets at the end of each day. The Approve EOD button is available to those in the default Management or Supervisor permission groups.

AroFlo Office

Online Catalogues: 2 New MMEM Group Suppliers

AroFlo connects directly with more of your favourite trade wholesalers, with two more MMEM Group supplier catalogues being added to the list: Go Electrical and Cetnaj.

If you have an account with an MMEM Group supplier, you can set up access to their online supplier catalogues to:

  • Browse and select items from online product catalogues directly within AroFlo.
  • Import items directly on to a quote, purchase order, supplier quote or invoice.
  • Use the most accurate material costs as pricing is live from the supplier.

AroFlo Field

Field Updates: Create Task and Create Quote

The changes and improvements to AroFlo’s Field interface continued throughout this month. Create Task and Create Quote areas now have a fresh look, including an updated search function when searching for clients, locations, and task types.

Blog: Practical tips for reassuring clients during COVID-19

During uncertain times it’s not uncommon to see radical shifts in customer behaviour. As a tradesperson or service professional specifically, you’ve no doubt had to adapt to large changes caused by economic and social forces in the past.

However, COVID-19 is unlike anything we’ve seen before and its effects are still being felt right across the world and this will likely continue until a vaccine is developed.

If you interact directly with customers in your line of work, you’ve no doubt noticed how their concerns about your professional conduct have settled squarely on the need for personal health and safety.

In this article, we’ll cover several practical solutions you and your team can employ to help keep your customers feeling safe and reassured that you have their best interests constantly in mind.

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What’s in the pipeline?

  • Bills Updates
  • Invoice Line Items – Allow linked item quantities
  • Timesheet Automation – New condition type
  • Payment Gateways – Additional provider
  • Certification Expiry Emails
  • Inventory – Tax inclusive option
  • Calendar – Display active timers on schedule
  • View document folders in Field (Tasks and Projects)
  • Quote Line Item makeover in Field
  • Email pages makeover in Field
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