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Feature Updates

Introducing Gantt Charts: AroFlo’s latest project management update

Over the past few months, we’ve been busily putting the finishing touches on our most powerful project management feature integration to date.

Say hello to Gantt Charts

If you work in a project management related sphere, you’ll no doubt already know all about Gantt Charts and just how useful of a tool they can be for project administration.

Everything you need to know about AroFlo’s Gantts specifically:

Our Gantt charts will merge with the existing ‘Projects’ feature

From the moment you open AroFlo after the Gantt update goes live; you’ll notice that it’s situated right within the Projects interface.

Represented by its own handy tab, you’ll be able to quickly flick between your Gantt Chart and other Project tools all within the same easy to use window.

Better yet, as this is an iteration on an existing part of AroFlo, you’ll find that Gantt Charts can be built using any existing projects you may already have running at the time.

We’ve made visualisation of tasks and events a key consideration

A truly useful Gantt Chart is one that packs in every piece of necessary information while not overloading the reader at the same time.

We’ve factored in large-scale project support carefully and made sure that the interface within AroFlo’s Gantts doesn’t become any harder to navigate as you add more sections.

By keeping tasks and stages clearly defined and easy to reference, you’ll be able to lay out even the most complex of projects in a format that everyone can understand.

Take your scheduling to the next level with Dependencies

We understand that scheduling takes up most of the time you spend managing a project. With the Dependencies feature available on launch, you’ll be able to link tasks or stages, flagging that the current step in your project must be completed before the next step can occur.

For example, the slab on your new structure obviously can’t be poured until the earthmoving is finished. Simply add a dependency between these tasks on your Gantt Chart to create a clear outline and ensure that the work proceeds in a set order.

Fill in key events using Milestones

With the Milestone feature, you can add key events to your Gantt Charts and take full control of on-site proceedings.

You’ll find this useful for referencing anything from upcoming site inspection to an outstanding progress payment. You can even link task or stage Dependencies to your Milestones for added functionality.

Keep on top of the finer details with Task Progress

Knowing is half the battle when managing a project, something we’ve accounted for within the task and job functionality of AroFlo’s Gantt Charts.

Simply click the arrow at the bottom of a stage within your Chart and then drag it to the relevant completion percentage.

A great little piece of functionality that’s useful for recording day-to-day progress and snapshotting your current situation for reporting.

But we’re not done yet, with more functionality on the way

We’re proud to announce that AroFlo’s Gantt Charts will be an evolving feature. As such, we’ll be diligently adding to what’s already on offer in future updates.

We’ve got a whole host of additions planned for the feature and will be consistently integrating new functionality after the initial Gantt launch.

Author – James Burgess

Content Specialist

Would you like to know more?

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December 9, 2019
Team AroFlo
Feature Updates
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