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3 Digital admin tools that make AroFlo perfect for time-poor trade businesses

Whether you own and operate a trade business or handle the administration within one, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you never have a spare minute at work. Jobs are flying in, and by all rights, you should be feeling happy that the business is busy and successful. But often, the stress of scheduling jobs to a growing team, chasing invoices and managing stock can leave you feeling tired and drawn out rather than energetic and positive.

If this sounds like your everyday working life, then you’re not alone. In fact, thousands of professionals working in trade businesses feel this way every day, and many of them struggle to find a solution. After all, with very little time to focus on anything other than work, it can feel impossible to explore the options you have to streamline your trade business operations.

Luckily, we have something we think might help. Our software AroFlo is so much more than just digital job management, and it’s the best friend of busy trade business owners and admin professionals across the trade sector.

Here are three digital administration tools that make AroFlo the perfect answer to your time-poor working life.

1. Job Scheduling

Physical job cards and manual scheduling are a thing of the past, and many trade businesses can no longer handle the amount of work they have coming in using pen and paper anymore. Suffering from success may not seem like a bad thing, but the longer you stick to outdated methods, the more time it will take to complete even simple everyday tasks.

AroFlo’s job scheduling feature is 100% cloud-based, giving you access to benefits such as real-time job management and constant updates from teams working in the field. Instead of picking up the phone to find out what’s happening on-site, just check your digital calendar or a specific job within AroFlo.

Because our software syncs any changes across your entire system, you’ll also never need to ask field technicians to come back to the office and collect job cards ever again. You can even send every job detail to them while they’re on the road, so everyone gets to share the benefits of your enhanced administrative system.

2. Integrated Invoicing and Billing

Have you ever sat back after hours of manually handling invoices and thought to yourself, ‘there has to be a better way than this’? The answer to that question is yes, and with AroFlo’s integrated invoicing and billing feature, you’ll wonder how you ever made do without our software.

A healthy cash flow is crucial for any trade business. Once the field work is done, it’s up to you as the trade business owner or administration professional to make sure invoices are dispatched or paid as quickly as possible.

AroFlo is an end-to-end system, which means it pulls details right from the jobs you’ve just completed, and lets you input that information directly onto a digital invoice. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum, and your cost tracking capabilities are foolproof.

You can even create detailed reports about your invoices at any time, giving you complete financial transparency on demand.

3. Purchase Orders

AroFlo makes even the most complex purchase orders quick and painless to create, raise and dispatch. With the ability to attach entire supplier catalogues to your system, you can quickly add the exact parts and materials you need to a purchase order and have it on the way to a supplier in seconds.

But it doesn’t end there, as AroFlo also gives you the flexibility to assign multiple suppliers against specific items within your inventory, each with its own individual costings. Now instead of ringing around for the best available price, you can quickly see who offers the best deal without ever leaving the same software you use to create your purchase orders.

Once your purchase order has been fulfilled, AroFlo will automatically import the materials right into the relevant job, saving you from the hassle of constant micromanagement. You can then keep track of your purchase orders and their corresponding invoices before raising and paying any outstanding bills from within AroFlo.

Ready to see what else AroFlo can do to save you time?

In this article, we’ve just scratched the surface of what AroFlo can do to help even the most time-poor trade business owner or admin professional. With dozens of features designed specifically for trade business administration, we’re confident that our software can help you take back more time from every working day.

Follow this link to book a demo, and we’ll show you why our software is without a doubt the best choice for trade businesses struggling to get everything done while growing their business as well.

James Burgess
Content Specialist

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