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3 Features HVAC professionals love about our job management software

Your work as an HVAC professional makes controlling climates easy. But what if you could control your business success just as easily with a new software system?

AroFlo is a job management solution built for the specifics of the HVAC industry, and it offers a vast amount of functionality, all packed into one easy to use solution. We’ve designed our software to meet the needs of your everyday business tasks, from admin and scheduling to ongoing maintenance and project management.

But that isn’t everything our software offers. Here are three features that HVAC professionals, just like you say they couldn’t live without after getting on board with AroFlo.

1. Field and Office functionality

A big part of what makes AroFlo such an excellent fit for our HVAC users is its dual field and office functionality.

Sometimes an HVAC fit-out can take multiple days, and reducing the amount of time you spend moving between office and worksite can significantly increase efficiency. Having access to a system that allows you to schedule work, record time and complete timesheets from anywhere can be a huge benefit to any busy HVAC professional. AroFlo takes this a step further, though, by being cloud-based, meaning any changes you make in the field are instantly synced with your system back at the office.

Our job management software creates options, letting you run your business from anywhere you choose and make changes to anything from everyday tasks to emergency work on the fly.

2. Inventory and purchase order software

Nothing wastes more time or causes more disruption to your workday than having to leave site and source the parts you need to complete a job.

With AroFlo’s inventory system, you’ll always know what items you have available, with the ability to track everything from overall stock levels to individual items in a flash.

Take advantage of our inventory organisation tools which let you customise categories and subcategories and mirror your physical stock system in its entirety. You can even utilise barcode scanning to quickly add new inventory to a job within AroFlo, a serious timesaver for busy HVAC businesses.

Our inventory system also goes hand in hand with a full purchase order system that lets you pull items from preferred suppliers in your system and create detailed purchase orders. These orders can then be dispatched from within AroFlo, meaning no physical paper trail and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your order is already on its way.

3. Compliance forms and OH&S Documents

AroFlo’s comprehensive OH&S and compliance form tools let you have 100% visibility across your HVAC business, but without the endless paperwork that’s usually involved with safety reporting.

Our HVAC users love our library of pre-built forms, which includes customisable checklists, JSAs and inspection forms. Or, if you’d prefer to create your own, you can do so with our custom form builder, letting you create documentation that fits your exact professional requirements in no time.

But what’s a compliance form without a proper system for dealing with non-compliant items to back it up? Because our forms are entered into AroFlo itself, you can raise additional documents to deal with items that fail inspection. This makes our software the perfect fit for our HVAC professionals who offer pass-fail inspection services and need to keep track of sub-contractors or field technicians working remotely.

We hope these examples showcase that AroFlo is built for HVAC professionals, but why not see it in action for yourself?

Follow this link to book a tailored demo, where we’ll run you through everything that AroFlo can offer your HVAC business and show you why our software builds business success. If you decide to give us a try, you’ll be joining an ever-growing community of trade professionals who are backed by a software solution that’s constantly being updated and improved. Or, if you want to know more about how businesses just like yours use AroFlo every day, check out our customer case studies and see why our users love what we do.

James Burgess
Content Specialist

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