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AroFlo’s Asset Management: Your Questions Answered

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An ideal solution for businesses who quote on repairs or replacements to client assets.

As a trade business owner, effectively managing business assets is just another part of the job. For many service professionals in industries such as fire services and facilities maintenance, on the other hand, keeping track of assets for clients could be your entire job.

Whether it’s part of running your business or part of your everyday work, asset management is an essential component of running a successful trade business, but that doesn’t make it easy.

In fact, the more you grow, the more difficult it can become to keep track of everything from toolboxes and fleet vehicles to client assets that could number in the thousands. That’s why AroFlo’s asset management feature was designed for the specifics of trade and service businesses. To ensure every tradesperson has access to a proper system that lets them successfully manage internal and external assets with ease.

In this article, we’ll be answering questions about AroFlo’s asset management offerings from real tradespeople, just like you, running real trade or service businesses, just like yours. Read on to find out a little bit more about how our asset management works and what makes it such a great tool for any trade business.

How does AroFlo’s Asset Management feature work?

The best way to understand how AroFlo’s asset management system works is to think of it as a traditional asset register. You can keep tabs on internal assets, record servicing details and generally keep track of everything you need to know about individual assets. The real heavy lifting begins when you start using AroFlo’s asset management with other parts of our job management software.

When an internal asset is added to your system, you can instantly start scheduling it to jobs and even placing it on your digital AroFlo calendar. Now everyone across your business can quickly see where an asset is and where it’s going next.

The same applies to client assets, but instead of scheduling, you can attach specific assets to individual jobs, making mass servicing and maintenance an absolute breeze.

The potential uses for AroFlo’s asset management are virtually endless, specifically because we’ve built our software to be applicable to the needs of every trade and service business.

Can I add anything as an Asset in AroFlo?

When we say that absolutely anything can be added as an asset in AroFlo, we mean it. Your internal asset roster could consist of toolboxes, port-a-loos, trucks, trailers, vans, excavators or portable site offices; there’s no limit to what you can add.

On the client asset side of things, no matter how big or how small, AroFlo’s asset management infrastructure can handle it. It could be 300 fire extinguishers contained within one ongoing maintenance job, or it could be half a dozen chainsaws that all need regular servicing at different intervals. AroFlo’s asset management system moulds to your business, allowing you to fit any asset related scenario with our software.

If I manage a LOT of client Assets, can I filter them to find what I need?

No matter how good your process for managing assets is, when you’re put in charge of hundreds, if not thousands of them, things can get confusing quickly.

Luckily, AroFlo’s Asset Management functionality includes a full search and filtering system, allowing you to quickly locate individual assets, group assets using pre-defined options and narrow down specific assets easily.

For fire services and facilities maintenance professionals who handle inspections, AroFlo’s asset management also includes the ability to quickly pass or fail items from a handy interface. These passed or failed items can even be filtered by said criteria, so you’ll know what needs work and what’s fine until the next inspection at a glance.

If a failed item needs fixing or replacing, you can quickly generate a quote from within the same interface, meaning no wasted time manually assigning an asset to a quote on the job.

Can I assign internal Assets to jobs like I can my team?

Internal assets stored within AroFlo act exactly like users, so you can assign them to jobs and even schedule them on your calendar like you would an employee.

But our asset functionality goes deeper than this by also providing you with the ability to schedule routine tasks like maintenance and servicing and assign these tasks to specific internal assets.

When this is set up, your AroFlo calendar can quickly inform your technicians that an asset like a fleet vehicle or a piece of machinery is currently out of action, so they can plan accordingly.

Can I use GPS to track my Assets?

A huge part of properly managing assets is keeping track of where they are and where they are going next. AroFlo includes a full GPS tracking system known as AroPoint, and it makes tracking assets in real-time an absolute breeze.

Simply attach a supported GPS device to an asset and start tracking every movement your asset makes from within AroFlo’s easy to use map interface. You can even track multiple assets on the same screen, so even the most complex asset arrangements can be quickly and easily understood by both office and field staff.

Can I keep track of an Asset’s history using AroFlo?

Within AroFlo’s Asset Management feature, you can keep track of every historical detail by uploading relevant documents right to the asset cared stored within your system.

Alongside a full history listing every job your asset has been assigned to, you can also add user manuals, compliance forms, documents and even photos of the asset itself.

Now instead of sifting through documents looking for when a specific asset was last serviced, you can access every detail you need at the tap of a button.

Can I report on the assets stored in my AroFlo?

Keeping tabs on your assets is quick and easy with AroFlo’s comprehensive reporting tools. Using AroFlo, you can track everything from when high-value equipment and vehicles are due for servicing to when maintenance contracts on client assets need renewal.

Reports are both fully customisable and exportable in a variety of file formats. Usable formats include Excel, Word, PDF and more, so providing employees or clients with a document they can’t open is never an issue you’ll have to face while managing assets.

You can also group assets for large-scale reports, a great tool for maintenance and servicing professionals dealing with many assets on a daily basis.

Ready to get started?

AroFlo’s Asset Management feature is available to all users, and you can get started with it right now. Get in touch with our Customer Service team or check out our Help Documents to find out how the functionality works and what it can do for your business.

New to AroFlo?

Our Asset Management forms just a small part of our job management software toolset. We help trade and service professionals just like you empower their operations and grow their success, all through one software solution provided at a great price. Find out more by visiting our website, or if you think we might be the right fit for your business, book a demo to see AroFlo in action.

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