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3 Features electricians love about our job management software

The best electrical professionals know that even minor adjustments to their business automation can considerably increase efficiency and profitability in the long run. To stay on top of the game in this way, you need systems to fortify your day-to-day operations today while leaving you room to innovate further in the future.

Job management software is unique because it provides immediate results in the present and also gives you room to grow your success even more as time goes on.

Whether you’re working on your own as an electrical professional or run a large-scale electrical business, AroFlo is an excellent option for companies seeking a competitive edge in their market.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked some of our electrical clients what they love about AroFlo.

Here are the top 3 features they couldn’t live without:

1. Automatic invoicing and accounting package integrations

Whenever we ask our electrical clients what they love most about AroFlo, the answer is often along the lines of “I don’t have to do 3 hours of invoicing every night!”

AroFlo’s powerful automatic invoicing feature is a complete procedural system. In layman’s terms, this means it covers every step of the invoicing process, from quoting and acceptance to final payment and recording. You can even populate an invoice using the data you already inputted when you first scheduled the job, meaning less time typing up detailed invoices and a faster billing cycle overall.

But by far, the most valued component of our automatic invoicing is that it integrates seamlessly with many industry-acclaimed accounting software packages. Rather than wasting time pushing your invoices over to your accounting system manually, you can let AroFlo do all the hard work for you and focus on growing your business instead.

2. OHS and safety compliance documents

Electrical professionals are always looking for ways to safeguard both their business and their employees against workplace danger, and many of our clients rely on AroFlo to make safety a priority.

Our software operates on the core principle of helping businesses minimise workplace risk, which our OH&S and compliance features offer without compromise. Using AroFlo’s cloud-based system, you can quickly perform risk assessments, complete JSAs, and lodge safety documentation from in the field and have it available for office staff to view in seconds.

If you’re looking to increase business oversight, you can even utilise our safety and compliance features in other parts of our job management system. For example, just set a form or safety process as mandatory during scheduling, and your employees won’t be able to progress a job until the form is completed and signed.

3. Job scheduling and automated timesheets

No matter the size of your electrical business, it’s vital that you and your employees make the most out of every workday. It makes sense then that our electrical clients love AroFlo’s job scheduling system, as it allows them to maximise their billable hours and minimise wasted time throughout the week.

It’s all made possible by AroFlo’s integrated calendar system. It works like a regular digital calendar, but the difference is that it’s also a gateway to lots of AroFlo’s other features. For example, while scheduling work and assigning employees to jobs, you can also actively create the data being fed into your automated timesheets at the end of the day.

AroFlo’s job scheduling system is also split between both Field and Office components, with details entered on either side being instantly synced across to the other. Because of this, AroFlo is perfect for busy electricians who don’t have time to trek back to home base after every job.

Ready to see what else our job management software can do for your electrical business?

Electricians just like you are already reaping the benefits of our automated job management system. If you’d like to see more of what they have to say about AroFlo, you can check out our customer case studies here. Or, if you’d like to see our software for yourself, follow this link to book a demo, and one of our friendly team will be in touch soon.

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