Operate your trade business remotely

Our job management software can help you to operate your trade business remotely

If you’re in a situation where remote management is now a requirement to continue running your trade or contracting business, then there’s no time like the present to check out our job management software.

Whether by choice or due to conditions outside of their control, many other trade businesses just like yours are making the switch to AroFlo and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome them aboard! Utilising AroFlo’s range of software solutions such as our remote invoice software, trade professionals across various industries are now easily running their day to day operations from virtually anywhere they choose. But remote invoicing software is just the start of what AroFlo can do for your business.

Making remote management easier

We’ve made sure that our job management software makes every part of remote management easier for our customers. The aim of our software has never been to replace the physical methods of running a trade-based business, as there is no doubt that some tasks require a hands-on approach, a fact that we fully respect. But instead we want to provide our valued clients with the option of using digital technology to work remotely where they can, and cut down on wasted time while doing so. Our software aims to provide the same options as physical management to tradespeople and contractors, just delivered better, faster and most importantly by distance if needed.

As current circumstances are making remote work necessary, we’ve continued to refine our offerings and give tradespeople as well as contractors the tools they need to tackle their work as usual:

  • With AroFlo you can record labour materials and expenses from anywhere, without the need for mountains of documents and paperwork piling up around the home office.
  • Booking jobs, logging hours and scheduling work are quick and painless tasks, requiring just a few simple inputs that would normally take hours of work to organise.
  • You can then use our remote invoicing software to instantly update your books or settle outstanding balances at home, on-site or on the move between jobs.
  • AroFlo even includes the ability to schedule work for your tradespeople remotely, allowing you to allocate employees and move resources all with the tap of a screen.

Software tools built entirely for tradespeople

AroFlo isn’t just cookie-cutter job management software that could be used in any business, it’s specific to the needs of tradespeople and contractors just like you. Its been developed by a team with extensive trade knowledge. We’ve carefully refined every part of our service, making sure that everything is easy to access, even easier to utilise, and recognisable at a glance.

Because remote work can often clash with the needs of such a hands-on industry like skilled trades, we’ve also made an extra effort to lay out AroFlo in a way that makes sense. You’ll find each tool sits in a logical place, making navigating a breeze whether you’re on a mobile device or the home/office PC.

Can our job management software can handle your remote working needs?

We’ve built AroFlo to be adaptable and this extends to the way it can merge seamlessly into your business as well.

If you’re feeling overloaded with the current demands of working remotely, or just need time to get your head around what we offer, we’ll build our service provision around those requirements.

We roll out our services at a pace best suited to you, all while providing training and advice that helps you get the most out of AroFlo and what it can offer your business.

If you’re unsure how you can fit our training into your busy schedule, don’t worry!


We deliver all of our training and customer service online

Aroflo has been a cloud-based business since day one, delivering all of our training and customer service online. This gives you the freedom to engage with our experts at a time and place of your choosing. All of which makes AroFlo a great choice for small to large-scale businesses looking to get on board with job management software that works for them, not against them.

AroFlo also integrates with a heap of other trusted digital service providers

Remote invoicing software such as Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks are all supported by AroFlo, making remote invoicing easier than it’s ever been.

  • There’s no need to re-enter invoices in both programs, as AroFlo sends copies of each invoice to your preferred accounting package and updates both systems instantly.
  • If you’re no great fan of logging timesheets, then good news! Xero and MYOB offer full timesheet integration with their service.
  • We’re also proud to offer integration with a wide range of messaging and payment services that make our job management software even more hassle-free to use as an end to end solution.
  • When run alongside collaborative software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, you can operate your business entirely from the comfort of your own home if you choose.

If you’d like to know more about our trusted partners in digital automation, check out our Partners Page for more information.

And if you’re ready to make the jump to remote management and AroFlo sounds like the right fit for your trade or contracting business, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve taken our business operations entirely online with our own software since the Coronavirus outbreak, so feel free to contact us any time during this crisis and beyond to find out more about how AroFlo can help you run your business without the need for person to person management.

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