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AroFlo Updates | Christmas and New Years Support

As 2018 draws to a close, we've started to reflect on the year that's been and the development and growth of AroFlo. Our software enhancements will continue to roll throughout 2019 with a focus on further streamlining your work processes to save you even more time. Read on to learn about our latest highlights: AroFlo Office Redesign: Credit Notes, Documents & Photos Office: Quote status and deadline on calendar view Office: Report fields and filters Payment: Storage facility upgrade AroFlo Webinars AroFlo: Spread the Christmas Cheer AroFlo: Christmas and New Years support [...]


Workflow Status Changes

We’ll be making improvements to workflow status options throughout AroFlo. These new enhancements offer greater flexibility for your business and a smoother user experience, thanks to the standardised changes across the entire system. Our improvements will be introduced throughout: Invoices Payments Purchase orders Credit notes Supplier quotes Menus Invoices The current and new invoice statuses are shown in the table below. We'll introduce a drop-down Status menu within the Invoice Worksheet and the Save button will also offer the option to set the status. Find out more on Invoices Payments [...]


Markups & Price Level update

We’ve got some big changes coming to our markups and pricing levels. These new enhancements will provide you with even greater flexibility when setting your default markups, inventory pricing and price levels. Business Unit Default Markup Previously, setting a business unit markup was optional. If you didn’t have one set, it would revert to a system default of Cost + 10% markup. A Business Unit Markup is now your baseline markup. If you currently have it switched off your markup setting will change to be Cost + Markup set at [...]


AroFlo Security: Keeping your data safe

There's never been a better time to tell your friends and family members about AroFlo. If they sign up before the 5th of October, they'll save a massive $750 and we'll send $250 your way, as a little thank you! Read on to learn about this offer and our latest highlights: AroFlo Security: Keeping your data safe Office: Business unit landing page Team AroFlo: Health and wellbeing AroFlo: 2018 Footy finals promotion What's in the pipeline? AroFlo Security: Keeping your data safe We're working on a number of security features to [...]


Latest AroFlo Updates

This month we released our highly anticipated enhancement giving AroFlo Field users direct access to leading supplier online catalogues. Read on to learn about this feature and our latest highlights: Admin: New Permission Groups Field: Supplier Online Catalogues Office: Locations and Clients redesign Team AroFlo: 10 year milestone What's in the pipeline? Footy tipping winners Admin: New Permission Groups A friendly reminder, that our transition from old legacy user access types to our new pre-built and customisable permission groups kicked off on the 3rd September, 2018. We recommend you continue to [...]


Nuts & Bolts Updates

This month our developers focused on a number of key enhancements to improve AroFlo's performance. And we launched a brand new summary blog called Nuts & Bolts Updates which covers off all the smaller updates that can still have a big impact on your business. Read on to learn about this new section and our latest highlights: Office redesign: Inventory Document Layouts: enhanced rendering Timesheet: expandable note field Hot Tip: Nuts and Bolts updates What's in the pipeline? Office closure Office redesign: Inventory Our latest modifications to Inventory offer a [...]


AroFlo Email System Upgrade

As we continue to improve your AroFlo experience we’re excited to announce our latest upgrade to AroFlo’s email delivery service. Why is AroFlo making these changes? Every day we send and receive more than 60,000 emails on behalf of our customers. And our customer base just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. At AroFlo we always aim to be proactive, rather than reactive, so we have upgraded our infrastructure to ensure there is no degradation to our email service as we expand. In fact, our email service will now be faster and more [...]


Find out what’s new in AroFlo

Over the last three years, the AroFlo team has tripled as we continue to offer ongoing product improvements and the highest levels of support to our expanding customer base. As a result of this amazing growth, we've doubled the size of AroFlo HQ and continue to invest in our system infrastructure. This month we also added one of the 'big four' banks to our list of payment partners to help you get paid faster. Read on to learn about our latest highlights: Payment Gateways: connect to NAB Transact Task Worksheet: update labour notes faster POs & Credit Notes: [...]


Tell your mates about AroFlo’s great EOFY offer!

AroFlo Product Updates We continue our AroFlo Office make-over with new improvements to our Client, Supplier, and User pages. Plus, we've got more exciting changes on the way for our most frequently used Task pages. There's also never been a better time to tell your mates about AroFlo. Until the end of June, your mate can save up a massive $650 and you can earn $250 just for sharing! Read on to learn about our latest highlights: Office redesign: new Task pages launching this week! Event messages: new client and supplier alerts Supplier invoice [...]


The Hidden Gem in AroFlo’s Permission Groups

Our latest and greatest AroFlo update gives you the flexibility to choose the features that matter most to your team. Change your users' access settings to 'Permission Groups' and start exploring the possibilities today. If you've been considering the benefits of real-time GPS tracking for your business, we've got huge discounts on our ATrack GPS devices for a limited time only. Read on to learn about our latest highlights: Reports: permissions and restrictions Layouts: fresh new designs coming next week GPS Connect: save $ on ATrack GPS devices Hot Tip Video: Supplier Invoice Email Imports AroFlo Footy [...]